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‌Installing Quality Insulation in Midland, Phenix City & Surrounding Areas

While Georgia is known for its hot and humid summers, many people do not realize that it can get very chilly during the winters too. To stay comfortable during these extreme temperatures, residents often spend a lot of money on powerful HVAC systems, without realizing that a poorly insulated house can waste all their potential savings, as their specially cooled or heated air seeps out of the cracks. 

Instead of trying to continually upgrade your air conditioning or furnaces, reach out to our contractors at Copper Roofing for superb insulation in Columbus, GA. Our high-quality insulation is a cost-effective way to cut back on your energy bills, whether you are managing a residential or commercial property. With this protective interior layer, your building will be safeguarded from excess moisture and humidity, leaving you comfortable no matter the season.

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Saving Your Wallet Through the Use of Proper Insulation

Some homeowners and business managers may wonder whether investing in stronger insulation is the way to go, or whether they should get another HVAC system to blast cool or warm air. When it comes to saving expenses for energy bills, our experts can assure you that insulation is the better bargain. Although adding new insulation still incurs some expense, it pays for itself quickly. Your property will stay warm throughout the winters and cool during the summers, without having to spend more money on continual HVAC maintenance and repairs. Whereas air conditioners and furnaces tend to malfunction after even just a few years, particularly if you are using them constantly, insulation can last from 80 to 100 years if it is installed correctly. 

The great news is that once you have our reliable insulation in your home, any HVAC units you already have will have their lifespan instantly extended, since they no longer have to work so hard to maintain the perfect climate within your home. Once you see your energy bill plummet each month, you will understand why investing in insulation services is actually like putting more money in the bank.

Have Your Attic Insulation Installed by Professionals 

Many property owners and managers may just assume that all insulation is alike – pink, foamy, and soft. However, there is a wide variety of insulation types, which perform different functions depending on the individual needs of your property. Our skilled experts can carefully inspect your home or commercial building and determine which types of insulation would be most appropriate.

Copper Roofing installs the following types of insulation in the Columbus area:

  • Radiant barrier insulation
  • Energy efficient insulation
  • Foam insulation 
  • Reflective insulation
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Taking Proactive Steps to Protect Your Home Comfort

If your property is poorly insulated, it’s time to do something about it before extreme weather conditions set in for the season. The right amount of insulation not only saves you money by dramatically decreasing your energy bills, but it prevents your property from needing maintenance and repairs by securing it from mold and mildew caused by too much moisture in the air. Get in touch with Copper Roofing so we can provide you with dependable insulation services in Columbus, GA.


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